Agus Halim

Agus Halim

Hi Thank you for Visiting My Site DSLR Camera Sale

Greeting My Name is Agus Halim

I'm a Writer, Freelance Internet Marketing & Web Developer living in Indonesia, This website i build is to build a communities that have enthusiast for photography and as part as my hobbies.

From Hobbies To Entrepreneur

Photography is really fun, it can be as business, arts and as a hobbies.

Everyone love to take and capture photo start from Life, Art, Food Photography, Event Photography and some people put their dedication in the photo as expert and Sell the photo. For me Photography has a meaning to capture a moment and Freedom for me.

I will bring this Website for the people who has dedication in the photography as Hobbies, Art and turn to be Professional Career/Entrepreneur.

Future progress

  • I will create forum for photography in here you can write and ask question related to photography and DSLR Camera.
  • Sell my product online to Facebook Page.
  • Continue to produce good
  • Youtube Channel for Reviewing Camera
  • Buy and Sell Photo
I need time to develop until this stage. meanwhile if have any feedback kindly drop me a message.

How to Support Me

Thank you for keep supporting me, We learn and share good things together. You can support me by :
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  • If you currently has some article that need to write and share in this website kindly contact me
  • Find and Order product that list in my website
  • I will share some tips, trick, camera equipment and books, Free eBooks might provide in the future. you can opt-in newsletter.